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What does the Philippines really bring to the table?

As Duterte plays the US against China, and even Russia in a Cold War-style diplomatic gambit not unlike what Yugoslavia, Egypt did with the West and the USSR, it is important to ask:

What does the Philippines REALLY brings to the table?

A failure to assess our relative value to either side could very well result in overplaying our hand. Discuss this on the forum here:


Service bulletin: Difficulty creating tables on the forum

I used to be able to create tables with blank cells so that I could make my tables look better. The tables I’ve already created still retain their formats. But whenever I create new table, these blank cells are automatically deleted. For this reason, I’ve had to put the PLA-Navy list on hold.

This is apparently a bug in version 2.0.12 of the SMF forum software. This bug is discussed here.