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Palace launches Freedom of Information (FOI) online | e-FOI system


From: Philstar

--- Quote ---The portal, according to assistant secretary for policy and legislative affairs Kris Ablan, allows people to look into the transactions of the 15 agencies that are participating in the beta stage of eFOI.

President Duterte issued Executive Order 2 last July 23 as a means of maintaining transparency in his administration, although it was only limited to the executive branch pending the passage of a law.

Not all data can be accessed though, as Ablan cited at least nine exemptions: information covered by executive privilege; those relating to national security, defense or international relations; those concerning law enforcement and protection of public and personal safety; and those affecting privacy like cases involving minors and victims of crimes.

Also exempted are information, documents or records deemed confidential by the concerned government agencies; prejudicial premature disclosure; record of court proceedings; those involving banking and finance laws; and other exception provided by law.
--- End quote ---


YouTube video: e-FOI system

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