Author Topic: US Navy 'Grounds' Cyclone Class Coastal Patrol Boats  (Read 561 times)


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US Navy 'Grounds' Cyclone Class Coastal Patrol Boats
« on: April 30, 2021, 12:31:08 PM »
Administrator's note: See also PH Navy awaiting US nod on transfer of Cyclone patrol boats


Navy 'Grounds' Cyclone Class Coastal Patrol Boats
15 Sep 2010

The US Navy announced today it has found "significant structural" damage and corrosion in its fleet of Cyclone-class patrol coastal vessels based in Norfolk, Va., and forward deployed to the 5th fleet in Bahrain.

According to the Navy, the vessels -- 10 in all -- are all "at or beyond" their 15-year service life and recent inspections revealed frame buckling and damage to the hulls.

The service said all PC operations have ceased pending repairs.

The PCs have lightweight structure designed for high performance and a service life of 15 years.  With the exception of PC 14 they are all at or beyond their service life. The condition of the hull structure is the cumulative result of a full service life of operation including the effects of corrosion and severe operating conditions.  It is not generally possible to identify one event or single root cause of the damage.

The Navy is also coordinating with the Coast Guard to inspect the three vessels it's borrowing for domestic patrols. The Navy is also coordinating with the Philippine navy on the one PC it obtained in 2004.

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Ex-USS Cyclone in PN service as BRP Mariano Alvarez

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