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The American Sea Power Project
« on: April 27, 2021, 04:05:05 PM »
The American Sea Power Project is an initiative of the United States Naval Institute to re-evaluate American naval strategy. In it's own words:

The end of the Cold War brought an end to the urgent need for in-depth thinking about maritime strategy. During the past three decades, naval planning and force structure were guided more by budgets, technology, and land operations than by any meaningful maritime strategy. With the return of great power competition, however, there is a need to get back to strategic thinking about what it means for the United States to be a maritime nation and how naval power underpins national power. The American Sea Power Project embodies Naval Institute thought leadership on these vital topics. A number of noted experts have committed to writing for the project, and we hope it will stir a vital debate within the Sea Services and among political leaders, and arouse a new national understanding of the importance of naval power to national security.

An discussion video of the USNI proceedings by YouTube channel Sub Review:

The American Sea Power Project by USNI

The American Sea Power Project official webpage
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