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Re: Replacing the HK G36 in German Army service
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The "need" to replace the G36 in the Bundeswehr is very much driven by politics (both in terms of call for replacement, and in the procurement process). The claims of inadequacy have been rather exaggerated especially since the supposed problems cited haven't been reported to be major issues in every other military that had adopted and used the G36 for decades.

First some background and technical information on the rifle:
H&K G36: Germany Adopts the 5.56mm Cartridge @ Forgotten Weapons

And some subsequent commentary on the controversy:
The Truth Behind the Great G36 Controversy @ Forgotten Weapons
G36 Heat Stress Test @ InRangeTV

Regardless, the tender for replacing the weapon was put out and several contenders were put forward:

1. Heckler & Koch HK416 , the most established external piston AR-15 on the international market, already in service in several german LEOs and special forces units
2. Heckler & Koch HK433, a brand new design from H&K, reminiscent of the extruded aluminum build of the FN SCAR
3. Steyr-Mannlicher RS556, a hybrid between the company's legacy AUG rifle and the AR-15 design
4. Haenel MK556, an external piston AR-15 from german company C.G. Haenel, developed by the same designer who worked on HK 416 project

In September 2020, the Haenel MK556 was announced as the winner, having met the requirements and beaten H&K on cost.

...until it was wasn't.

The awarding of the contract was withheld amidst accusations of patent infringement by H&K against Haenel, and the latter's headquarters was raided by authorities.

The matter is still ongoing.
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