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Pope Francis visits Iraq
« on: March 08, 2021, 11:47:47 AM »
Amid the rubble of Mosul, Pope Francis declares hope 'more powerful than hatred'
CNN Digital Expansion 2016 Mohammed Tawfeeq
By Ivana Kottasová and Mohammed Tawfeeq, CNN

Updated 10:07 AM ET, Sun March 7, 2021

(CNN)Standing amid the rubble left behind by the now defeated ISIS terrorists in the Iraqi city of Mosul, Pope Francis on Saturday declared hope to be "more powerful than hatred and peace more powerful than war."

Francis called for "harmonious coexistence" of people from different backgrounds and cultures while leading a prayer at a square overlooking the ruins of the Syro-Catholic Church in Mosul's Old City. Once an ISIS stronghold, the whole city has been completely destroyed in 2017, during the nine-monthslong battle over its control.

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The visit to Mosul came on the third day of the Pope's tour of the war-ravaged nation, the first ever papal visit to Iraq and Francis' first trip outside Italy since the coronavirus pandemic began. He has repeatedly denounced religious extremism and called for friendship between religions during the trip.

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