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Economic retaliation: What China risks losing if it mishandles PH-CN relations


The fundamental premise of the Kobayashi Maru thesis is that friendly engagement with China would put the Philippines in a better position to create economic incentives for that would serve as a deterrent against further Chinese aggression towards Philippine interests.

Fear of the loss of profit, not the fear of military force, would compel China to behave. The larger the potential loss, the stronger the deterrent. Far stronger than whatever ordnance the Armed Forces of the Philippines could hope to muster, and more reliable than what military alliances could summon.

This article is a summary of the economic retaliatory capability that the Philippines has amassed as a result of this strategy of engagement.

Project     Amount (USD)     Date approved / construction started             Railway                        PNR South Long-Haul     219,776,242.63     29 August 2019Subic-Clark Railway     940,000,000.00     15 January 2021             Bridges                        Samal Island to Davao City Connector     401,960,714.40     14 January 2021Davao River Bridge     60,000,000.00     9 December 2020Binondo - Intramuros Bridge     70,530,371.75     17 July 2018Estrella–Pantaleon Bridge     30,583,966.51     17 July 2018             Dam                        Chico River Irrigation Project     55,550,469.79     16 November 2017Kaliwa Dam     211,214,646.54     20 November 2018             TOTAL     1,989,616,411.62     

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