Author Topic: Peacock Naval Ship coming up for sale. Would the Philippines be interested ?  (Read 745 times)


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Hi folks
i am ex Irish Navy but the following news article might be of interest to the Philippines Navy and Philippines government . As you know the Philippines brought the 3 peacock naval ships they have from the royal navy in Hong Kong . The Irish Navy brought the remaining 2 Peacocks . a opportunity is coming up in 2021 when the Irish navy retire their flag ship LE Eithne and also one of its peacock naval ships LE Ciara . the very fact that the Philippines Navy already has 3 of them , have crew already trained on those ships and also carry the spare parts for those ships . Yes the Irish ships for sale are moving on in age but there is still life in them . who knows , if the Philippines Navy was interested they could make a deal ref selling the 2 peacocks along with spare parts that they have . you all know how much a new ship costs these days . here is a chance to get another peacock naval ship . Perhaps a government to government sale . i know as a Neutral country Ireland would not sell the ships with the main guns . they already use these guns and would keep them as spares . but that should not be a problem .

attached is the newspaper article ref the up coming decommission of the two ships and related YouTube links .  To be honest i would truly love to see the Philippines get the whole 5 of the Peacock naval ship class . and you must admit they would be getting the ship at much less than what they paid for them . If the Philippines navy never used the ship it would still be a good source for spare parts . the ships were tied up because the navy is having a serious man power shortage problem .

if one of the admin could email me i can attach the newspaper article . i cant seem to attach it here .

I have alway's followed the Filipino military down through the years since i married a Filipino . It is with great credit to see how your military has always kept its equipment going . a good sign of crew training in on going routine repair and maintenance .


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Thanks for the head's up redknight!

And welcome to the forum. :)

It's certainly a possibility, the Philippine Navy has plans for at least 4 corvette-sized platforms in the 2nd Horizon. Although they have shown to have their eyes set on the heavily-armed Pohang-class corvettes from South Korea.

...then there's the plans for (2) new-built corvettes with a budget that would outfit them with more weapons and equipment than the Jose Rizal-class frigates have out the gate. Though who knows if they'll stick to calling them corvettes or reclassify them as frigates?