Author Topic: Media tour on BRP Jose Rizal  (Read 1341 times)


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Media tour on BRP Jose Rizal
« on: November 03, 2020, 09:11:29 AM »

The Philippine Navy (PN) held a tour of the brand new frigate BRP Jose Rizal with the members of the Defense Press Corps (DPC) followed by a press conference with the Navy chief and other PN senior officers earlier today, October 19.

This event aimed to showcase to the public, through the press, the aesthetics and advanced capabilities of FF150 that serves as a tangible manifestation of the PN's steady transformation and modernization to better serve the Filipino people.

To strictly observe health and safety protocols amid the ongoing pandemic, only select DPC members were allowed to board and tour the ship, while others participated in the press briefing virtually via Zoom application.

This hybrid of virtual and physical event also aimed to reaffirm PN's partnership with the DPC who have been instrumental on the Navy's efforts of building and promoting a reputation worthy of trust and confidence.

(Photos by: S2PH Joseph C Angue PN and S2PH Richard Deguilo PN/NPAO)