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Vietnam developed new assault rifle


Vietnam unveils STV-410 7.62x39mm assault rifle | Army Recognition - 02 July 2020 09:59

--- Quote ---On its Facebook page, VietDefense reports that Factory Z111 and the General Department of Defense Industry developed a new rifle that resembles a Kalashnikov. Itís designated STV-410 7.62x39mm assault rifle. It can be considered the Vietnamese version of an AK-15.

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Some of the information is still classified and won't be available. But, as the name suggests, the barrel length of the weapon is 410mm and it fires the traditional 7.62x39mm round that has been a staple of almost all Vietnamese firearms. The optic placement in this photo isn't realistic and is likely just for show - heck most normal troops will be using the standard rifle sights anyways. It appears the weapon still has a full size stock in comparison to other newer Vietnamese guns with foldable variants.
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STV-410 7.62x39mm assault rifle (Picture source: Facebook page of VietDefense)

SVT-380 => Galil ACE
SVT-215 => Galil ACE with shortened barrel


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