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--- Quote ---01 July 2020
Kongsberg's MCT-30 bound for US Army's RCV-M prototypes

The US Army has announced that Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace will outfit the service’s Robotic Combat Vehicle-Medium (RCV-M) prototypes with its PROTECTOR Medium Caliber Remote Weapon Station (MCT-30).

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The army envisions fielding three RCV classes – a light, medium, and heavy – with the objective of validating manned/unmanned teaming (MUM-T) by exploring the current state of the technology, as well as increasing formation effectiveness. Earlier this year, the service proceeded with the two smaller vehicle classes, and selected QinetiQ North America to build four RCV-L prototypes and Textron to build four RCV-M prototypes.
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The Ripsaw M5 is pictured here with the MCT-30. Previously, the US Army had selected the vehicle to be the RCV-M prototype and has now decided that the MCT-30 will also be used. (Textron)


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