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SND Lorenzana Lauds PN, DOST, MRSP for Project BUHAWI Success (Facebook video)
Posted 14 January 2020

--- Quote ---Awed by the initial success of the Project BUHAWI or Building a Universal Mount for Heavy-Barrel Automated Weapon Integration, Secretary Delfin N. Lorenzana of the Department of National Defense (DND) lauded the project's management team during the soft launching held on 7 January 2020 at the Force Reconnaissance Firing Range, Marine Base Gregorio Lim in Ternate, Cavite.

Project BUHAWI was a collaboration between the Philippine Navy - Armed Forces of the Philippines, Department of Science and Technology, DOST's Metals Industry Research and Development Center, and Mechatronics and Robotics Society of the Philippines.

It aims to improve the fire power capability of various floating assets of the philippine navy through the development of a fully automated weapon station for .50 caliber machine gun.

In his speech, Secretary Lorenzana conveyed his gratitude, on behalf of the One Defense Team, to Secretary Fortunato dela Peña of the DOST who personally graced the launching, for assisting the PN in the project.

He also thanked Engineers Jonathan Puerto, Roberto Quizon, and Franklin Quiachon; and the rest of the DOST and MRSP staff who assisted in the conceptualization, design and execution of Project BUHAWI.

The Defense Chief also commended the leadership of the Philippine Navy under VAdm Robert A. Empedrad, and the officers and enlisted personnel of the PN and Philippines Marines who worked hard on the endeavor.

"Aside from the obvious practical gains this project can give to the philippine navy, project buhawi embodies the true spirit of the Self-reliance Defense Posture (SRDP) Program of the department. We, at the DND, believe that the SRDP is the key towards having a truly patriotic and independent defense sector, through the self-manufacture of original and indigenous defense materiel which are products of filipino ingenuity and produced by our people’s labor and industry. I thank you all for keeping that spirit, that dream, alive and within our reach," Secretary Lorenzana said.
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Alternate link.

A similar ongoing project at the Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology:

Gyro-stabilized RCWS research at Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Tech [YouTube]

I wonder how this compares with Project Trident Strike

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--- Quote ---Philippines developing remote weapon station for naval vessels
20 January 2020

The RWS is being developed by the Philippine Navy (PN), the Department of Science and Technology's Metals Industry Research and Development Centre, and the Mechatronics and Robotics Society of the Philippines.

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The project is aimed at enabling accurate firing of the M2 .50 calibre machine gun from the RWS on various PN vessels.
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An AN/M2 .50 calibre machine gun mounted on the RWS being developed by the Philippines for fitting onto its naval vessels. (Via Philippine DND)


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