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NORINCO details VT5 lightweight MBT | IHS Jane's 360 - 01 November 2016

--- Quote ---China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) debuted its VT5 lightweight main battle tank (MBT) at Airshow China 2016 in Zhuhai.

The VT5 has been developed specifically for the export market and has a combat weight of between 33 and 36 tonnes, depending on the armour package fitted and measures 9.20 m (gun forward) in length, by 3.30 m (with side skirts) in width, and 2.50 m (turret roof) in height.

The baseline hull and turret is all-welded steel armour to which a modular protection package can be fitted depending on the end user's operational requirements. This can include advanced composite armour, explosive reactive armour (ERA), or a mix of the two.
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The Chinese VT5 lightweight MBT has a combat weight of between 33 and 36 tonnes depending on its armour package. It is powered by a 1,000 hp diesel engine. Source: Christopher F Foss

China possibly equipping PLA ground units with new light tank | IHS Jane's 360 - 05 January 2017

--- Quote ---Posted on 31 December on the CJDBY and FYJS websites, the images show around 10 of the new tanks on railway flatbed cars at what appears to be the Guilin railway station in China's southern Guangxi Province. The tanks' transit through Guilin could indicate their initial delivery to units assigned to the PLA's new Southern Theatre Command.

In January 2016, the popular Chinese web portal published a report on the tank - the designation of which has yet to be revealed - that assessed its history and missions and provided new details on its armament and features.

Corroborating previous reports that the tank weighs about 35 tonnes, the report noted that the vehicle has a crew of four. There has also been speculation that the use of an autoloader for its 105 mm main gun reduces its crew to three. The gun can fire tungsten alloy anti-tank rounds that can penetrate up to 500 mm of armour as well as gun-launched missiles, according to the report.
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One of China's new light tanks on a railway flatbed car at what seems to be the Guilin railway station in China's southern Guangxi Province. Source: Via CJDBY website

ZTQ light tank with 105mm cannon now in service with the Chinese armed forces. | army recognition - 04 January 2017

--- Quote ---The ZTQ light tank could replace the old Type 62 light tank developed in the early 1960s. The ZTQ has a turret very similar to the main battle tank ZTZ-99 but armed with a 105mm cannon. The main sights and the commander’s optics seem to be derived from the new Chinese tank ZTZ-99A2.
The export version of the ZTQ light tank called VT5 was showed for the first time during the Zhuhai Air Show in November 2016.

According our analysis of pictures released on Internet, the ZTQ light tank seems to be made in all-welded steel armour. The tank is also fitted with an Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA) on the front and on each side of the turret offering more protection against shaped charges and specially hardened kinetic energy penetrators.
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China confirms conducting trials of new light battle tank in Tibet | IHS Jane's 360 - 30 June 2017

--- Quote ---An article published on the Chinese website on 11 June featured images showing what appears to be the new LBT being driven earlier that month on what the report claims is a road in Tibet.

The LBT appears to be a development of the light tank Jane's reported about on 4 January. It has a box-shaped hull that is shorter and narrower that of the Type 96, although its shape is similar to that of the Type 99A with an elevated portion to the rear providing room for the powerpack.

The tank has a shallow glacis and belly plate that are protected by considerable amounts of explosive reactive armour (ERA) to form an angular nose. The ERA seen on the tank is likely to be that of the FY series developed by the China North Industries Group Corporation (Norinco Group).
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An article published on the Chinese website on 11 June showed images of what appears to be a new Chinese lightweight tank being driven on what the report claims is a road in Tibet. Source: Via Guancha.

Photos taken from: China Defense Blog

--- Quote ---ZTQ-15 light tank unmasked.
While PLA's own ZTQ-15 might not be 100% identical to the export VT-5 (note the driver position), they sure share the same 105mm tank gun, RWS and 35mm AGL+12,7mm HMG for self-defense.   
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35mm AGL+12,7mm HMG


New 105mm light tank for Chinese marine corps | Army Recognition - 20 July 2018

--- Quote ---In mid-July, a Chinese blog published a picture of a light battle tank in “Smurf” blue camouflage driving through a village, indicating the Chinese armed forces have added a new tank to their marine corps inventory.

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The new tank could also serve in the PLA’s amphibious mechanized infantry divisions (AMID) rather than the PLAMC. China is also in the middle of expanding this force from two to four AMIDs, with each unit equipped with up to 300 armored and amphibious transport vehicles, as well as MBTs.
--- End quote ---

The new ZTQ-15 lightweight battle tank of the PLA's marine corps (Picture source: Chinese blog)


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