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Hong Kong elections: pro-democracy camp wins 17 out of 18 districts


Hong Kong elections: pro-democracy camp wins 17 out of 18 districts while city leader says she will reflect on the result

- Tsunami of disaffection washes over city as pro-Beijing camp left reeling by record turnout and overwhelming defeat
- Result set to give pan-democrats increase in seats on committee that chooses city’s chief executive

Jeffie Lam 
Sum Lok-kei 
Ng Kang-chung 

Published: 7:33am, 25 Nov, 2019

The anti-establishment reverberations from almost six months of street protests swept through polling stations across Hong Kong on Sunday, as voters in record numbers roundly rejected pro-Beijing candidates in favour of pan-democrats.

The tsunami of disaffection among voters was clear across the board, as pan-democrats rode the wave to win big in poor and rich neighbourhoods, in both protest-prone and non-protest-afflicted districts and, in downtown areas as well as the suburbs.

Less immediately obvious was whether there was a generational divide in the way people voted, but ousted pro-establishment district councillors suggested that young, first-time voters had been instrumental in dislodging them from their perch.

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