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Portuguese Navy revealed the existence of the Unmanned Vehicle Experimentation



--- Quote ---Portuguese Navy reveals existence of ‘tech guerrilla’ unit
26 September 2019

Vice Adm Melo said the main motivation for the team is "to fight asymmetric threats with asymmetric thinking". Citing Martec's law that technology changes exponentially while organisations transform logarithmically, Lt Mendes explained that procurement of new and emerging technologies was routinely too slow to procure cutting edge kit or exploit new uses of existing technology. This left navies in the position of every sailor having a phone in his or her pocket with more processing power than the ship on which he or she was embarked. Smaller, more agile teams unburdened by organisational inertia (for example terrorists) could exploit advances in technology faster and in less stereotyped ways. Exploring the asymmetric potential of technology enables the unit to predict what an irregular adversary could do and thus pre-emptively develop countermeasures. Lt Mendes said, "We're like the flu vaccine; we don't do the change, we start the process."
--- End quote ---

The Portuguese Navy’s CEOV has kit including the Blackfin autonomous UUV and a pair of toy remote control cars modified to carry grenade launchers and cameras. Source: IHS Markit/James Rands


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