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US government warns of threat from Chinese drone companies



--- Quote ---US warns of threat from Chinese drone companies
21 May 2019

The US government has issued an alert warning that Chinese-made drones could pose a cyber-espionage risk to American businesses and other organisations that use them.

The notice added that those using the flying aircraft for tasks related to national security or critical infrastructure were most at risk.

The warning does not refer to a specific company.

But market-leader DJI said it had taken steps to keep its clients' data secure.
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--- Quote ---Europe buys Chinese drones, even as US expresses data concerns
9/8/19, 5:00 PM CET Updated 9/10/19, 3:01 PM CET

As the United States panics about China’s dominance in the global drone industry, Europe has barely blinked.

In an era of paranoia over data security in which military officers and public officials warn of the reams of sensitive data collected by drones, European governments and militaries are increasingly looking to China, and its premier drone manufacturer DJI, for their needs.

The company insists it has access to “essentially none” of the data its drones produce, and has pushed back hard against allegations of parallels with Huawei, the telecommunications company the U.S. government suspects of spying on behalf of China.

But the value of data being generated — detailed imagery of critical infrastructure, military hardware, frontiers or nuclear sites, for example — coupled with a potential lack of protection from data regulations could make drones a prime target for cyberattacks.

As drone sales skyrocket — the industry is expected to add €10 billion annually to the EU economy — governments stretching from France to Denmark are using commercial off-the-shelf drones made in China for surveillance and inspection purposes.
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