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Turkey’s Tubitak Bilgem invests in continuous wave laser technology



--- Quote ---20 May 2019

Turkey's Tubitak Bilgem has developed and tested two laser systems that could potentially be deployed by the Turkish Land Forces Command (TLFC).

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The first is called the Armol Vehicle Mounted Laser System (VMLS). It is integrated on an Otokar Cobra 4x4 light armoured vehicle (LAV) that is used in large numbers by the TLFC and other organisations in Turkey.

Mounted in the rear of the Cobra is a 220 kW power source, and on the roof is the stabilised pan tilt high-power laser that is claimed to have a maximum output of up to 5 kW. The stabilised roof-mounted package has a traverse of 180° left and right, and an elevation from -30° to 95°.

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The second laser system is the Tumol rifle-mounted mobile laser system that was designed to neutralise UAVs and can be mounted on weapons fitted with a Picatinny rail.
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The sensor head of the Armol VMLS integrated onto the roof of an Otokar Cobra. Source: Christopher F Foss


--- Quote ---Turkish laser weapon passes acceptance tests
04 October 2019

The Vehicle-Mounted Laser System (ARMOL) designed and developed by the Informatics and Information Security Research Centre (BİLGEM) of Turkey's Scientific and Technological Research Council (TÜBİTAK) has successfully completed acceptance tests, according to a press release posted on BİLGEM's website on 2 October.

It said the ARMOL was the first laser weapon system to enter service with the Turkish Armed Forces.
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--- Quote ---ARMOL was developed at the Informatics and Information Security Research Center of TUBTAK, a national agency playing a leading role in the creation of a science and technology culture in Turkey, successfully completed acceptance tests.

The 1.25-kilowatt laser gun is able to damage three-millimeter steel plate at a 500-meter range. The 400-kilogram (around 880 pound) laser system, for which studies started in July 2018, is planned to be integrated into aircraft.
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ARMOL laser gun: TUBAIK image


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