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Photo c/o Johannes Paul Victorina Lastimoza @ PPSG

From Sir Randy Pascua PAF/ Philippine Fly Boy, on Flickr

"Photo taken during an instructional formation flight with the lead s211 in an inverted position during a formation loop manuever"

"Turbulent weather were always encountered at the area of Palawan province. In here a thunderstorm up front. The s211 normally flew thru these type of conditions with only a VOR as the primary nav aid provided by the Puerto Princesa International Airport."

S211 Avionics Upgrade Pilotís Inspection and lecture 26 July 2018.

Pilotís of OV-10, SF 260 TP and MD-520 MG visited the S211ís of Air Defense Command at Clark Pampanga. MAJ WILBERT MARTINEZ PAF, the Squadron Commander of 105TH Fighter Training Squadron, assisted by other S211 pilots and maintenance personnel, accommodated the 15SW pilots, gave a short briefing regarding the S211 Avionics Upgrade and showed the aircraft with the upgrade.


Photo by Matteo Guidicelli @ facebook


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