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Duterte "death squad" probe


Ayoshi, please post any updates on the DDS probe here. I've started a different probe on Duterte's approach to the WPS claim/China approach


--- Quote ---DAVAO DEATH SQUAD PROBE | SC rules: PNP can search quarry for bodies
By: Malou Mangahas, Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism
September 24, 2016 1:34 PM

TWO YEARS AGO, the existence of the "Davao Death Squad", or DDS, was enrolled and confirmed in the dockets of the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

In a decision issued on Nov. 9, 2014, the Supreme Court's First Division upheld the grant of a search warrant to uncover the bones of six victims who, on the testimony of a first-hand witness, the DDS had killed and buried at the Laud Quarry in Davao City in 2005.

That ruling now offers a new window of opportunity for the police and the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) to resume their investigation into the DDS, on strength of a valid search warrant that has been upheld by the high court no less.


--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Cayetano refutes Trillanes on Matobato testimony: ‘It's full of half-truths and hearsay’
By: Ernie Reyes, InterAksyon.com
September 26, 2016 9:17 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Senator Alan Peter Cayetano chided Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for insisting on the credibility of self-confessed Davao Death Squad member Edgar Matobato, pointing out that the witness’ testimony against President Rodrigo Duterte is riddled with “half-truths and mere hearsay.”

Trillanes delivered a privilege speech on Monday (September 26) to disprove the inconsistencies of Matobato’s accounts during the Committee on Justice and Human Rights’ probe into the alleged extrajudicial killings being linked to the administration’s war on drugs.

During his interpellation, Cayetano called out Trillanes for trying to portray Matobato as a credible witness in the ongoing inquiry.


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--- Quote ---Trillanes: Matobato ‘genuine,’ validates Duterte’s bragging of killings

By: Yuji Vincent Gonzales

10:21 PM September 27th, 2016

Sen. Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV on Tuesday reaffirmed the credibility of confessed hitman Edgar Matobato, saying the testimonies of the Senate witness just confirmed and validated President Rodrigo Duterte’s previous pronouncements that he had ordered the killing of criminals in his hometown of Davao City.

Trillanes said his colleagues and the public should consider Matobato’s age and experience in scrutinizing his claims.

“I believe Mr. Matobato is genuine. ‘Yung kanyang mga testimonies kailangan nating i-validate one by one dahil itong pagpatay ng tao regular for him,” Trillanes said. “Pigain n’yo muna yung memory banks niya kung may specific instances… Kapag pina-reflect mo talaga sa kanya deeply, flawless ‘yung reflection niya.”


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Dick Gordon's post-Delima replacement privilege speech about how DDS investigations are being handled


No 'death squad' in Metro Manila -- PNP
By Perfecto T. Raymundo


MANILA, Oct. 6 (PNA) -- The Philippine National Police (PNP) on Thursday vehemently denied the existence of a “death squad” in Metro Manila.

The PNP made the denial despite the continuous increase in the number of victims of alleged extrajudicial killings (EJKs).

In the latest data of the PNP, there are now 2,294 cases of death under investigation (DUI) or the so-called victims of EJKs since July 1 to Oct. 4, 2016.

Meanwhile, NCRPO Acting Director Chief Supt. Oscar Albayalde on Thursday said that there was no death squad roaming in Metro Manila contrary to the suspicion of many concerned citizens.

Albayalde added that the government’s campaign against illegal drugs was successful, hence, there was no reason for the existence of a death squad.

He noted that the only directive of the PNP leadership was to focus on the campaign against illegal drugs to totally eradicate the drug problem and not to kill.

Likewise, Albayalde assured that they will not set aside the alleged incidents of EJKs, and in fact, he has ordered the district directors to investigate the matter and arrest the suspects.

PNP chief Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa earlier said that the policemen had a “quota”, not in the killing, but rather, in the surrender and arrest of drug suspects. (PNA)


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