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The C-130 graveyard at Mactan AFB at its height in the early 2000s

   This is not a rant but an observation of the AFP modernization. Recent disclosures by chance (F/A-50, SSV, Pohang, SoKor LCU) indicated serious flaws on the way systems have been acquired and lessons have not been learned or applied to the inadequacies of maintaining such modern systems or even upgrading current assets instead of assumed freebies or blue light specials from allied countries.  I failed to catch the SIPRI info with regards to the purchase of 12 F-404s from the U.S. That would have triggered my concern on what kind of ILS was negotiated. The 12 were meant only for the build, nothing more. Thatís a piss-poor planning and nobody else to blame but the AFP/PAF to the current situation and failed expectations, almost 2 years to receive a replacement engine. What else will fail since the single aircraft is doing most of the missions, training & keeping up with qualifications? I mean nobody dared to ask questions or provided inputs from past mistakes?
   The same is true with projected SK Pohang & LCU. I admire what LCDR Volante initiated a needed process for PN modernization, but it looks like a hit or miss plan. From what I gathered, no one even inspected the two vessels before accepting the 2 vessels? No one researched the feasibility if local shipyard can handle the repair or even estimate the repair cost, or even ask were they worth the cost to repair? I understand the need to place assets on station for WPS, but, it looks like more of not knowing what to do. Money have already been spent & wasted. With the projected repair cost allotted according to the bid request, would it have been better to upgrade the sensors or weapon systems of the PF-15/16 or even the SSV-1/ 2, as the thought process or alternatives?
   My conclusion, modernization will not be attained even if China or Russia showers the AFP with advance weapon systems if the AFP will not change how it manages and operate. I hope Iím proven wrong in my assumptions, but I don't see any improvements. I have experienced more due diligence & public trust from senior enlisted personnel in my years in naval aviation.  Yes, we have the budget, but it's not bottomless.     

How we bought things only a few years ago. This cannot continue, and should be replaced with logistics arrangements

....which begs the question, whatever happened to PuGs plan to develop/ introduce a logistic software (if I remember it right) to his former unit, 505th? Did it ever get the support to at least a beta test?


--- Quote from: adroth on October 26, 2016, 10:35:18 AM ---How we bought things only a few years ago. This cannot continue, and should be replaced with logistics arrangements

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Singapore does this too.  Go to, type C130 or Seahawk, you get a list of line item procurements too..


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