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Indian Army land warfare doctrine
« on: December 22, 2018, 12:44:41 AM »
From: Janes - 21 December 2018

Indian Army announces new land warfare doctrine

The Indian Army (IA) is seeking to create integrated battle groups (IBGs), expand its cyber warfare capabilities, and induct energy-directed weapons as well as artificial intelligence-based systems to manage multiple security challenges, the service announced in its Land Warfare Doctrine-2018.

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Each IBG, which would be larger than the existing 3,000 personnel-strong brigade but smaller than a 10,000-strong division, would be headed by a two-star officer and include infantry, armoured, artillery, air-defence, and support units, all of which would be backed by attack helicopters.

According to the doctrine, the IA's will also focus on developing cross-domain capabilities, facilitating enhanced jointness and integration among the three services, and optimising the available forces and resources "for effective and robust military responses in a future battlefield milieu".

The IA is also refining its strategies to deal with dangers emanating from "restive, complex and active" border disputes with Pakistan and China and what it referred to as "state-sponsored-terrorism from across the border".
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