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This thread index focuses on Philippine military aviation, both past and present. It is divided into the following sections

Combat, fixed-wing

Rotary wing

Maritime patrol

Transport / utility / liaison

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles / Platforms

Missile, Rockets, Bombs, etc.

Air surveillance systems

Self-Reliant Defense Posture

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Combat, Fixed-wing

Aircraft  Service    Threads              KAI FA-50



Surface Attack Aicraft / Lead-In Fighter Trainer Acquisition Project
What is the FA-50 really for?
A primer on FA-50 systems
Are the PAF's FA-50PHs overpriced?
A2A refueling options for the FA-50
multi-platform OBOGS issues and the FA-50PH
No additional FA-50PHs orders for now -- DND
KAI T-50 Family news & upgrades
FA-50 in Laoag              Aermacchi AS211



SIAI Marchetti AS211
Before the S211s were in air superiority grey              Embraer Super Tucano



Close Air Support Aircraft Acquisition Project              Rockwell OV-10



OV-10 in action
OV-10 Hartzell 4-blade propeller system
Difference between OV-10A and OV-10C
Keeping the OV-10 in the air             
History                          Vought F-8 Crusader



F-8 Crusader @ PAF
              Northrop F-5A/B



F-5 Freedom Fighter @ PAF
              North American F-86 Sabre



North American F-86 Sabre @ PAF
On The Wings of Angels: The Last Flight of Lt Col Antonio M Bautista
              Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star



Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star @ PAF              North American T-28 Trojan



PAF AT-28D Trojan "Tora-Tora"
              North American P-51 Mustang



PAF North American P-51 Mustang
              Boeing P-26 Peashooter



Boeing P-26 Peashooter @ Philippine Army Air Corps

Rotary wing

Aircraft  Service    Threads              Bell AH-1 Cobra



Bell AH-1F Cobra @ PAF              Agustawestland
AW159 Wildcat



PN Anti-Submarine Helicopter Acquisition Project
AW-159 Wildcat + BRP Jose Rizal              Agustawestland
AW109E / AH



AW109 in action
AW109 @ Philippine Navy
AW109 @ Philippine Air Force
Keeping the AW109AH in the air
Keeping Naval Helicopter (AW109) Flying              MD-520



Keeping the MD-520 in the air
MD-520 down              Sikorsky S-70



Sikorsky S-70i in PAF service
Another batch of Combat Utility Helicopters
PAF Black Hawk in SAR colors
Sikorsky S-70 @ PAW              Bell 412



Bell 412
Bell 412 VIP Transport @ PAW              PZL W-3 Sokol



Sokol #926 crashes in Palawan
Sokol #923 crashes in Tarlac
Sokol #921 crashes in Marawi              Bell Huey II



Huey II @ PAF
About Huey II conversions              Bell UH-1H



UH-1s in PAF service
Keeping the UH-1 in the air
PAF to receive helicopter spare parts from Japan
7 Huey choppers of PH Air Force to return to service
Keeping the Lycoming T-53-L-13B engine working
The POTUS Hueys
PAF helicopter acrobatic team
Arrival of the first UH-1              Airbus H145



PCG Light to Medium Weight Search and Rescue Helicopter Requirement              Sikorsky S-76



S-76 in action
Keeping the S-76 in the air
S-76 weapons test @ Crow Valley              MBB BO-105



MBB BO-105 @ NAG
PAF Bolkow Bo-105 attack helicopter              Robinson R-22



Robinson R-22 @ PN

History                          SA-330 Puma



Puma @ PAF service
              Sikorsky S-62



Sikorsky S-62 @ Philippine service[/size]

Maritime Patrol / Special Missions Aircraft

Gulfstream G-280



PAF Command & Control/VVIP Aircraft acquisition              Cessna 208



US offers 2 spy planes in PH fight vs terrorists              Rockwell TC-690A
Turbo Commander



Keeping the TC-690 in the air              Beechcraft King Air C90



PN Maritime Patrol Aircraft (TC-90) Project             
History                          Lockheed RT-33 T-bird



Lockheed RT-33A T-bird @ PAF              Catalina PBY



Catalina PBY @ PAF              Grumman HU-16 Albatross



Attack HU-16 Albatross

Transport / Utility / Liaison

Lockheed C-130 /
L100 Hercules



C-130 in action
Keeping the Lockheed-Martin C-130/L-100 in the air
Arrival of the PAF’s first heavies
Special Airborne Mission Installation and Response (SABIR) System @ PAF
C130 4726 burning at Clark              CASA CN-295




Keeping the CN-295 in the air              Fokker F-27




Keeping the F-27 in the air              Fokker F-28




Fokker F-28-3000 Fellowship              PT Dirgantara Indonesia NC212i




Light Lift Fixed Wing Aircraft Acquisition              Britten-Norman Islander




Britten Norman BN-2 Islander @ PN
Keeping the PN Britten Norman Islanders in the Air              GAF N-22B Nomad




GAF N-22B Nomad @ PAF
Keeping the N-22 Nomads in the air              Cessna 421 

                      SIAI-Marchetti SF-260



SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 @ PAF
Keeping the SF-260 in the air              Cessna 172 / T-41



Philippine Army Cessna 172
Cessna T-41s acquired from South Korea (2009)
Keeping the T-41 in the air
History                          Fairchild C-123K Provider



Fairchild C-123K Provider @ PAF              Douglas C-47 / DC-3



SRDP: C-47 gunship conversion             


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