Author Topic: Lynx KF41 tracked infantry fighting vehicle (IFV)  (Read 959 times)


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Lynx KF41 tracked infantry fighting vehicle (IFV)
« on: June 13, 2018, 04:43:34 PM »
Confronting the future [ES18D3] | Janes - 13 June 2018
The KF41 is fitted with the latest Lance 2.0 turret, armed with the Wotan 35 dual-feed cannon, which fires standard 35x228mm ammunition with a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun. A unique feature of the Lance 2.0 turret is that it has a flexible mission pod fitted either side, which allows for the installation of subsystems, including two Spike anti-tank guided weapons, non-line of sight strike loitering munitions, UAVs or an electronic warfare package.

A computerised fire control system is fitted, as are Rheinmetall’s Stabilised Electro- Optical Sight System and Acoustic Shooter Location System, and an electronic architecture and battle management system.

The basic hull is of welded steel, to which a modular armour package and internal spall liners are fitted. Survivability is enhanced by the installation of a hard kill active defence system and the Rosy multispectral 360° smoke/obscurant system.

The KF41 has a gross vehicle weight of about 44 tonnes, with a stretch potential to 50 tonnes. It is powered by a Liebherr diesel engine developing 1,140hp, coupled to a Renk fully automatic transmission, which gives a top speed of 70km/h. It has a flexible suspension system developed by Australian company Supashock.

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