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QATARI Offshore Patrol Vessel
« on: March 14, 2018, 01:57:10 PM »

The OPV design selected by the Qatari Navy has a length of 63 meters, a maximum breadth of 9.20 meters, a draft of 2.60 meters for a full load displacement of 670 tons.

Its maximum speed is set to be 30 knots, its range 1500 nautical miles (at 15 knots). The propulsion system consists in 4x diesel engines, 4 shafts and 4 fixed pitched propellers. It will have an endurance of 7 days at sea.

The crew complement will be 38 sailors.


n terms of weapon systems, the OPVs will actually be closer to FACM (Fast Attack Craft Missile) or even light corvettes: The OPVs will be fitted with a 76mm main gun by Leonardo, 8x VLS cells for VL MICA surface to air missiles (by MBDA), two Marlins 30mm remote weapon stations (Leonardo), 4x Exocet MM40 Block III (MBDA) anti-ship missiles.

Leonardo is responsible for the integrated supply of the new naval unitsí combat system (Athena), main radar system (Kronos) and on-board sensors and defence sub-systems, including the fire control system.

Two Sylena Mk2 decoy launchers by Lacroix will protect the vessels against anti-ship missile threats.