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Ex-general invents revolutionary wind turbine
« on: January 08, 2018, 05:02:25 AM »
Ex-general invents revolutionary wind turbine
Rainier Allan Ronda (The Philippine Star) - January 8, 2018 - 12:01am

MANILA, Philippines — A retired military general, former communist rebel and corporate executive has developed a wind turbine technology that could offer renewable wind power as a mainstream power source.

Retired brigadier general Victor Corpus, 73, said his “Nautilus wind turbine” has an enclosing structure that makes use of the principle of “weirs” – built-in rivers to redirect water flow either for hydropower or to trap fish, and to achieve multiple maximum areas of wind velocity to generate energy.

“It’s velocity-cubed. There is an exponential increase in the energy generated by the usual wind turbines of windmills,” he explained.

The Nautilus wind turbine is also much cheaper to adopt.

“Unlike with windmills, you don’t have to build high towers. It is ground based, so it’s cheaper and easier to build, operate and maintain,” Corpus explained.

“With our Nautilus wind turbine, we have solved the technical flaws of both the horizontal axis and vertical axis wind turbines, which basically have similar problems of high energy spillage,” he added.

Corpus retired with the rank of brigadier general in 2004. After his retirement from the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), he was appointed to the board of state energy firm Philippine National Oil Corp.- Alternative Fuels Corp. (PNOC-AFC) in 2005.

It was during his stint at the PNOC-AFC that he got an extension education on renewable energy.

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Corpus’ initial efforts were at developing turbines to generate energy from ocean tides, but his breakthrough came in the aftermath of a typhoon.

When he was doing experiments in swimming pools and in the seas in Lubang island, Mindoro, a natural disaster pushed his research and development to a different direction, which later turned out as the right one.

Corpus said the experimental ocean tidal turbine he built was blown away by terrible waves and gales brought by a typhoon that struck in 2009, forcing them to build another prototype.

During the process of installing the ocean tidal turbine prototype into a section of the seas around Lubang island, he set down the prototype by the beach. He noticed that the winds blowing incessantly into Lubang island had easily sent the turbines spinning angrily, effortlessly generating power for a generator connected to the turbine.

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