Author Topic: OEM support of PAF helicopters proving critical  (Read 1711 times)


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OEM support of PAF helicopters proving critical
« on: October 04, 2016, 09:10:17 PM »
Shephard Media - 30th September 2016 -
Bell is also expanding its spare parts supply in Singapore and Manila, while training capacity is expanding in Singapore too.

This 412EP sale was completed through the Canadian government, giving the air force three aircraft in VIP configuration for presidential transport, and five combat utility helicopters.

The other manufacturer to gain major sales success in the Philippines is Leonardo Helicopters, which has sold 13 AW109 power units to the PAF and Philippine Navy, while two AW159 Wildcats will be delivered to the PN in September 2018.

However, Shephard has been made aware of problems in the level of support for the AW109s, which is causing frustration within the armed services. A Leonardo spokesperson confirmed that there have been problems in the logistics chain.

However, he assured that Leonardo is addressing the problem as it is ‘getting closer to its customer’ with spare parts and swifter assistance. He stated, ‘We’ve already invested here, so we will continue to do so.’