Author Topic: Larsen & Toubro Naval Combat Management System  (Read 1529 times)


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Larsen & Toubro Naval Combat Management System
« on: October 04, 2017, 04:27:29 PM »

The ITacS - CMS (Integrated Tactical System) brings together L&T's experience of designing, integrating and deploying various Naval weapon systems, Radar systems and C4I solutions.

The ITacS - CMS provides an integrated solution to facilitate net-centric warfare and seamless integration between operator, real world tactical scenario and available resources. With this, ITacS - CMS achieves successful planning and execution of different types of tactical and surveillance missions.

The ITacS - CMS provides an assimilated situation awareness display and acts as a decision support system for different command-levels. The situation awareness display enables to analyse current threats and field situation to formulate appropriate strategies in order to reduce the response time and to improve the effectiveness of co-ordination. It provides information to ensure seamless sharing of Mission parameters and Intelligence data.

The ITacS - CMS solution is modular and contains multiple components. The components interact through defined interfaces with various sensors, weapons and other classes of the command structure. All the components may be configured to work within a very small deployment or may be configured to work as a distributed system by exploiting the open architecture communication middleware.