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Philippine Air Force outlines procurement priorities


IHS Jane's 360 - 30 September 2016

--- Quote ---The Philippine Air Force (PAF) has identified several procurement priorities as it continues its medium-term modernisation programme, Flight Plan 2028.

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He also confirmed that the PAF would look to secure government approval for the additional FA-50s following the delivery of the initial 12 aircraft.

In addition, the official said the PAF is seeking to procure 12 more AW109 Power light attack helicopters produced by Finmeccanica (Leonardo from January 2017). The PAF has already acquired eight AW109s ordered in November 2013 and delivered from 2014.

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According to the official, other near-term procurement priorities include close air-support (CAS) aircraft and additional transport aircraft, while a longer-term requirement is multirole combat aircraft.
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