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SCOMBA Combat Management System (CMS)
« on: July 31, 2017, 08:47:10 PM »
Navantia and Carlos III University to Collaborate on F-110 Frigate Combat SystemNavy Recognition - 31 July 2017
Spanish shipbuilder Navantia has signed a contract with the Carlos III University of Madrid to support the Applied Artificial Intelligence Research Group of the Department of Informatics for the development of the SCOMBA combat management system (CMS) for the F-110 Frigate. F-110 is a future class of frigate for the Spanish Navy. Under this agreement, the University will support Navantia in the development of new data fusion and association capabilities, whose objective is to optimize the integration of the information received in SCOMBA from the different sensors aboard F-110. This will allow the operators have better information on the tactical situation at all times.

SCOMBA, which began its journey in Navantia, specifically in its Systems Center in San Fernando (Cádiz) in 2004, is the CMS fitted on all last generation vessel of the Spanish Navy, such as the Aircraft Carrier Juan Carlos I, the Supply Vessel Cantabria and the 6 BAM OPVs.

SCOMBA is the result of an effort of close collaboration between Navantia and the Spanish Navy for the development of a unique CMS for the entire fleet of ships, independent of their configuration differences or missions and developed from its origin to the needs of the navy.

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