Author Topic: L3 Longsword/AT 802 Tractor ISR Aircraft  (Read 3482 times)

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L3 Longsword/AT 802 Tractor ISR Aircraft
« on: June 22, 2017, 07:01:15 PM »
Based on the Air Tractor 802, the Longsword has a 10 hr loiter time, a 6200 lb payload carried on up to 11 hardpoints.

L3 Wescam MX 15D High definition electro-optical infrared sensor, MMS forceX Widow mission software, the Thames HMD and display full motion video-Two VHF.

Armored cockpit, self sealing fuel tanks, AN/AAR47 infrared warning receiver, plus the AN/ALE 47 EWC dispenser system.

Can carry a variety of weapons, from the Hellfire ASM, Gatling guns, mk82 bombs, and M260 Rocket launchers.