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Infantry or Tanks - Which Should Lead An Attack?


Infantry or Tanks - Which Should Lead An Attack?

Our army was again exposed to rpg/ied attacks this time on an urban setting. In light of the recent Maute terrorist attacks, should up-armoring the tip of the spear in this case the V150 happen?


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This would really depend on the nature of the engagement. Combined Arms tactics are designed to allow both tanks and infantry to take advantage of each other's strengths. Tanks alone, without the benefit of infantry support, would be vulnerable.


Tanks are also not the be all and end-all solution to combat

Back in the old forum, If I can correctly recall, we used to have a dedicated thread where the Pros shared their experience on how they use their armored vehicles in combat...

Officer, nanguna sa operasyon para mabawi ang 2 barangay mula sa Maute-ISIS

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