Author Topic: BRP Ramon Aguirre (PC-115) - ex South Korean PKM-200 Chamsuri class  (Read 1820 times)


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The Chamsuri Class patrol craft was developed by Korea Tacoma Marine Industries. The boats first entered service with the Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN) in the 1970s. The craft are built by Korea Tacoma Marine, Hyundai Heavy Industries and Hanjin Heavy Industries.

Chamsuri Class boats are also known as Patrol Killer Medium (PKM) craft. The boats were built in two batches known as the 201 series and the 301 series. In addition to the ROKN, the patrol boats are also in service with the Bangladesh Navy, Kazakhstan Navy and the Philippine Navy.

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South Korea has also transferred seven patrol craft to the Philippine Navy. The first batch of five boats were delivered in 1995 and a second batch of two craft were transferred in 2006. The Philippine Navy boats are designated as the Tomas Batillo Class. These boats are deployed to protect the Malampaya natural gas platforms near Palawan.
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