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Response to the exchange above

Art C Tan and Mark Mark Dave Canieso Duterte has NOTHING to do with the US' cautious approach towards support for the PH position in the WPS. This attitude actually predated the current administration. Remember, the US actually brokered the pull back from Panatag Shoal in 2012. The PH complied, China didn't -- which is why we are where we are today.

The US, c/o of JUSMAG, has a front-row seat to DND-AFP HISTORICAL incompetence going back to the days before Marcos. From piss poor planning, to inability to think ahead when it comes to budgeting. AFP planners actually lament that JUSMAG is so accustomed to a DND-AFP that is, at best deferential, and at worst mendicant. Heck, the DND-AFP isn't above asking JUSMAG to help with the per diem of AFP officers that are sent to the US for schooling. Imagine what that does for our image in their eyes. On top of all of that . . . the PH rejected the US-PH bases agreement in 1991 WITHOUT a proper plan for replacing the funds that would be lost as a result. What kind of a "partner" was the Philippines really? We are a LIABILITY, plain and simple.

If the Philippines REALLY wants a viable MDT with the US, it needs to show-the-the-US-the-money. We need to be viewed as a partner that can actually think for itself . . . be willing to step away from the US if our interests called for it . . . and spend its own money. THAT is how the US views Japan: a partner it needs to keep happy, because it is in their MUTUAL INTEREST to be allies. Japan isn't looking for dole outs.

Ergo, as counter-intuitive as it may seem to folks who view the US-PH relationship as a black-and-white issue, a perception of a "pivot away from the US" actually HELPS US-PH relations because it resets the discussion, sets the ground work for a relationship between partners, rather one between a former colonizer and a predictable beggar that they colonizer "already figured out".

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