Author Topic: Russia's Next-Gen Strategic Bomber PAK DA  (Read 1886 times)


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Russia's Next-Gen Strategic Bomber PAK DA
« on: March 06, 2017, 05:01:17 AM »
Tupolev Makes Full-Size Mockup of Russia's Next-Gen Strategic Bomber PAK DA | air recognition - 03 March 2017
"Several PAK DA mockups have been made of composites and a full-scale one of wood. The mockups are of flying wing design," the source said.

According to him, the advanced bomber will maximize radar stealth technologies, in particular radar-absorbent materials, and its weapons will be carried internally.

"The PAK DA also is to be equipped with the latest electronic warfare gear unrivalled worldwide in terms of effectiveness," the source stressed.

Another TASS source said: "The first prototype of the bomber is expected to fly on the verge of 2025." The aircraft will be subsonic, he added.

Proposed design for RuAF's future strategic bomber - PAK DA (Credit: KRET)