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China's Type 055 (Renhai) destroyer ("cruiser")

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--- Quote ---The Type 055 guided missile destroyer [cruiser] must be one of the most anticipated platforms in the Chinese Navy, apart from the aircraft carrier. By 2014 photographs of a radar test installation apparently associated with this programs had finally surfaced on the Chinese internet. It remains unclear whether the Type 055 would prove to be a 160-meter long DDG-57 counterpart or a 180-meter DDG-1000 counterpart.

In marach 2016 Chinese media reported that the 175-meter-long vessel would be outfitted with four new types of missiles, including medium-range air defense and antisubmarine missiles, as well as long-range air defense missiles and supersonic long-range anti-ship missiles. The Type 055 destroyers would also brandish long-range land attack cruise missiles and a sea-based missile interceptor. It would have ninety-six vertical launching systems, meaning the ship would not only be able to carry more weapons, but also larger missiles.
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Artist's impression of type 055 destroyer
image taken from

Mizokami continues to call this project a "destroyer" when other sources call it a "cruiser".

Popular Mechanics

--- Quote ---China's New Guided Missile Destroyer To Be Its Biggest Yet
By Kyle Mizokami
Oct 24, 2016

Chinese shipyards are reportedly busy constructing what will be the largest destroyers in Asia. The yet-unnamed destroyers, tentatively called the Type 055 class, will be stealthy and packed with firepower. Despite the hype on the internet, it's unlikely to be a super-ship. Instead, China's next jump forward will likely have the Chinese Navy merely catching up with the rest of the region.

The first reports of the Type 055 emerged in 2014, when photos of a giant land-based mockup of the ship's superstructure—particularly the bridge and radar mast—were spotted in Wuhan, China, hundreds of miles from the ocean. The location is the same place where a mockup of China's first aircraft carrier, Liaoning, was constructed in 2009.


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Modules for two Type055 DDG/CG spotted in Shanghai

From China Defense Blog

2014 - New Chinese Cruiser in Wuhan update: 130mm H/PJ-38 main gun, 1130 CIWS and FL-3000N SAM

The RENHAI (that's the new DoD designation) class cruiser is reported to have launched.

LH -- is that translated as 'People's Seas' ?  If so -- it seems that US DOD is 'amplifying it's value' :).


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