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China's Type 052D/Luyang III class destroyers

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China launches first stretched Type 052D destroyer | Janes - 31 July 2018

--- Quote ---The first stretched variant of China’s Luyang III (Type 052D) destroyer class was launched in early July at the Jiangnan Changxingdao shipyard near Shanghai. The ship, which is the 14th Type 052D to be built overall, is 4 m longer than its predecessors, resulting in a 4 m larger flight deck. The size of the hangar remains unchanged.

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--- Quote ---First ‘stretched’ Type 052D destroyer enters service with PLA Navy
14 January 2020

Named Zibo (pennant number 156), the Type 052D joined the PLAN's Sixth Destroyer Flotilla based at Dinghai on Zhoushan Island, about 150 km southwest of Shanghai. Built at the Jiangnan Changxingdao Shipyard and launched in mid-2018, the ship completed fitting out, setting to work, and post-build sea trials in just 18 months.
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--- Quote ---Dalian Shipyard launches 8th Type 055 & 25th Type 052D destroyers for PLA Navy | Navy Recognition - 31 August 2020

China reportedly launched its 8th Type 055 (Renhai-class cruiser) and 25th Type 052D (Luyang III-class) destroyers at Dalian Shipyard, Liaoning Province, on 30th August 2020. This event took place only two days after the decommissioning of two Type 051 destroyers attached to the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy.

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In addition, China reportedly wants to build over 30 Type 052D guided-missile destroyers. These ships come equipped with weapons and equipment including advanced active electronically scanned array radar systems and 64 vertical launch missile cells. They are capable of undertaking missions including escort and air defence.
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The 25th Type 052D destroyer (background) and the 8th Type 055 destroyer (foreground) at Dalian shipyard on 08/29/2020. (Picture source: Weibo)


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