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Vietnam's Kilo class submarine


The Japan Times - Dec. 20, 2015

--- Quote ---Vietnamese military grows to face China threat

The ruling Communist Party’s goal is to deter its giant northern neighbor as tensions rise over the disputed South China Sea, and if that fails, to be able to defend itself on all fronts, senior officers and people close to them said.

Vietnam’s strategy has moved beyond contingency planning. Key units have been placed on “high combat readiness” — an alert posture to fend off a sudden attack — including its elite Division 308, which guards the mountainous north.

The two countries fought a bloody border war in 1979. The likely flash point this time is in the South China Sea, where they have rival claims in the Spratly and Paracel archipelagos.

“We don’t want to have a conflict with China, and we must put faith in our policy of diplomacy,” said one senior Vietnamese government official. “But we know we must be ready for the worst.”

Most significantly, Hanoi is creating a naval deterrent largely from scratch with the purchase of six advanced Kilo-class submarines from Russia.

In recent months, the first of those submarines have started patrolling the South China Sea, Vietnamese and foreign military officials said, the first confirmation the vessels have been in the strategic waterway.
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Military personnel stand on Russian-made Kilo-class submarines during a celebration of Vietnam's navy in Cam Ranh on May 2. | Reuters

The Diplomat - February 10, 2016

--- Quote ---According to Thanh Nien News, the HQ-186, delivered by Dutch-registered cargo ship Rolldock Star, arrived at Cam Ranh Bay in Khanh Hoa province last Tuesday evening. The submarine laid at anchor near Cam Ranh Port and was scheduled to arrive at the port thereafter.

As I reported for The Diplomat last year, the HQ-186 underwent a trial run in the Baltic Sea on June 8 and was expected to arrive in early 2016. The fourth submarine, codenamed HQ-185 Da Nang, arrived at Cam Ranh Port back in July (See: “Vietnam Gets Fourth Submarine From Russia Amid South China Sea Tensions”).
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--- Quote ---Early days in 2017, transports Rolldock Dutch Storm HQ-187 submarine carrying Ba Ria - Vung Tau has to go through the waters off South Africa in the Indian Ocean.

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Ship HQ-187 was started closing from mid-2014 and be completed in a significantly shorter time. It was launched dated 09.28.2015, has made the trip to Kaliningrad sea trials.
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Storm location Rolldock ships offshore South Africa in 2/1 morning (GMT). Screenshot.

Lễ hạ thuỷ tàu kilo. Ảnh: TTXVN.


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