Author Topic: Vietnamís Foreign Policy Balancing Act  (Read 1898 times)


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Vietnamís Foreign Policy Balancing Act
« on: January 19, 2017, 10:10:18 AM »
Vietnamís Foreign Policy Balancing Act
Vietnamís multidirectional foreign policy includes outreach to China, the United States, India, and Japan.

By Nicholas Chapman
January 19, 2017
Vietnam has started 2017 by continuing the flurry of diplomatic activity that it undertook during much of 2016. It is all part of Vietnamís multidirectional foreign policy, which emphasizes cultivating as many diverse relationships as possible while integrating further into the international political economy.

From January 12-15, Nguyen Phu Trong paid his first visit to China since his re-election as Party secretary-general in January last year. While there, he witnessed the signing of 15 cooperative agreements. The two countries issued a joint communiquť in which they agreed to ďmanage their differences and safeguard peace in the South China SeaĒ while also noting the need to address the significant imbalance in trade. At the conclusion of the visit, Trong extended his invitation to Chinese President and Party Secretary Xi Jinping to visit Vietnam and attend the upcoming APEC summit being held in Vietnam.

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