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Government Arsenal Video Presentation [2012]

Government Arsenal feature by Net 25 Eagle News Service [2014]

Pagpapalakas sa kakayahan ng mga sundalo sa mga nagbabanta sa seguridad ng bansa [2016]

Posting these photos here for posterity.

Some of these were from the old forum and some were from the now inactive GA Facebook.

Refurbishment of small arms:

Conversion of M16A1s into M4A1 carbines:

Conversion of M16A1s into dissipator carbines:

Prototypes for service rifle, SOF and SPR configurations as per rifle manufacturing project:

16" Mid-length Carbine, 5.56 ("service rifle" configuration under rifle manufacturing project):

Squad Designated Marksman Rifle (SDMR), 5.56:

Changeover from wooden crates and tin ammo cans to HDPE ammo crates and vacuum-sealed packaging:

Some pictures Government Arsenal ammunition that I took myself and had already uploaded to the Wiki Commons:

Rifle ammo, 7.62mm:

Rifle ammo, 5.56mm:

Handgun ammo:

GA Standard Coding System for ammunition as adopted in 2011:

Source: Government Arsenal Bullet-in (April 2011), Vol. 1 No. 1, pg.4


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