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death blow for huawei

Huawei has yet another major problem in the pipeline, as BBC is reporting that Arm has supposedly told its staff to halt business deals with Huawei.

Employees were apparently told “all active contracts, support entitlements, and any pending engagements,” with Huawei and its subsidiaries in compliance with the US trade ban on the company.

While Arm is a UK tech firm, it believes it is still affected by the US restrictions on technology transfer as its designs contain US Origin technology.

thanks sir A..

Based on the picture, can we measure it from end to end, Sir A?

i think this was the first batch sir Jet..

what are they sniffing in the Palace?

why use the patrimonial assets as a security for a loan?

whats the use of GIR or sovereign bonds as payment for the loan? Why go for patrimonial assets?

its one big sell-off...

preparing for Gripen ToT.. hehehehe

General Discussion / Duterte transfers state-run aerospace firm to DND
« on: March 21, 2019, 10:42:13 AM »

President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the transfer of the Philippine Aerospace Development Corporation (PADC) from the Department of Transportation (DoTr) to the Department of National Defense (DND).

By authority of the President, Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea signed Executive Order No. 78 on March 15, giving the Defense department full control of the government-owned and -controlled corporation (GOCC). A copy of the order was shared to the media on Thursday.

In issuing the order, Duterte cited the “need to address emerging internal and external threats, achieve self-reliance as regards defense equipment, and promote the transfer of technology from neighboring countries.”

just a guide in case ESSM will be considered for the PN Frigates..

$94.5 million for ESSM surface-to-air missiles, together with launcher units, spare parts, required supplementary parts, and the related software package...

Rumors has it that Ultra Electronics is the lowest bidder for the project...

Who has jurisdiction or final say on things like what an equitable distribution of asset(s) is? -- if under receivership, its the Court who will decide with re to assets of Hanjin.

can the Korean lenders take equipment out of the country or can the Philippine courts order all assets to stay in situ? -- No, unless they file their claim with the local courts to acquire jurisdiction on them. On the same vein, Korean lenders are not allowed to take any equipment of Hanjin out of the country.

Does the filing of bankruptcy protect the equipment, etc., from being liquidated or the outstanding loans from being sold to another party (like if the Korean interests are sold to a Chinese company –just an example)? --- YES, to protect the creditors with re to their claim. Outstanding loans? if someone will invest in Hanjin, they will take the shoe of the former and pay the loan. Payments will depend upon the MOA..

Not familiar with Philippine bankruptcy laws or to what extent they are/can be enforced in a place like subic, which I believe is a special economic zone. clarification would be appreciated… -- its the Regional Trial Court of Zambales which has exclusive jurisdiction on Petition for Rehabilitation cases.. Special economic zones title has no relevance on Petition for Rehabilitation cases..

General Discussion / Re: Kintanar out as PAF Commanding General
« on: December 06, 2018, 05:21:20 PM »
just a smokescreen to accommodate the preferred bidder.  :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

A submarine to consider from the Koreans..

The KSS-3

The Type 212’s double hull displaces 1,800 tons submerged, and is made of nonmagnetic materials so that it is not susceptible to detection by magnetic anomaly detectors. The softer metal limits the operational depth to just two hundred meters, but this is not a major limitation in shallow Baltic waters. The Type 212’s fuel cells, with hydrogen fuel stored in between the outer and inner pressure hulls, allow it to sail underwater for three weeks before surfacing. Reportedly, a Type 212A set an underwater endurance record for conventionally powered submarines in 2013 by transiting eighteen days submerged without use of its snorkel. While the Type 212 can achieve underwater speeds of up to twenty-three miles per hour, its sustainable cruising speed is closer to nine miles per hour while using just the AIP system.

--- Berlin announced recently that it will build two more Type 212As over the next decade, and Poland has shown interest in leasing two of the German boats. The small subs supposedly cost around 371 million euros ($394 million) each, which implies that the current German U-boat force cost less to build than a single one of the $2.8 million Virginia-class nuclear-powered attack submarines used by the U.S. Navy. (To be fair, fluctuating exchange rates complicate the price comparison.) ---
June 6, 2017

General Discussion / Re: RIMPAC 2018 -- Philippine Navy
« on: June 28, 2018, 08:52:29 AM »

and so it begins..

This year’s exercise includes forces from 26 nations but among the navies contributing vessels to the drill are Australia (with ships headlined by LHD HMAS Adelaide), Canada (with two frigates, two patrol vessels and the brand new AOR Asterix), Chile (with frigate Almirante Lynch), France (with frigate Prairial which was also part of RIMPAC 2016), India (with frigate INS Sahyadri), Indonesia (with recently-commissioned KRI Raden Eddy Martadinata), Japan (represented by helicopter carrier JS Ise), Malaysia (with frigate KD Lekiu), Mexico (with tank landing ship ARM Usumacinta), the Netherlands, New Zealand (with HMNZS Te Mana), Peru (with BAP Ferré), the Republic of Korea (with Chang Bogo-class submarine ROKS Park Wi and destroyers), the Republic of the Philippines (with frigate BRP Andres Bonifacio and amphibious landing dock Davao del Sur), Singapore (with RSS Tenacious) and the US Navy with a number of ships and submarines with aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson at the helm.

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