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    Bid postponed to 8 August. This particular SBB though (10 July), included a series of clarifications from interested suppliers. The list includes:

    • Samkang M&T (South Korea)
    • POSCO Intl (South Korea)
    • PT Pal (Indonesia)
    • Mazagon Docks (India)
    • Goa Shipyards (India)

    Not all will end up submitting a bid, especially after clarifying the requirements.

    There were some editorial mistakes that were pointed out by the bidders which were corrected.
    The total gross tonnage was confirmed to be 5,000 tons as opposed to 7,200 tons.
    Local participation and licensing seems to be a common concern.

    5,000 tons? So this is smaller than the Tarlac Class?

    General Discussion / Re: Frigate Acquisition Project: Gun, CIWS
    « on: June 22, 2019, 07:01:31 AM »
    Are there considerations already on what make and model we would most likely have for the CIWS? And if we are going to be using a gun or missile type CIWS?

    Also, is there a comparison of effective on the gun vs missile type? Just doing some random searches, and it looks like the RIM-116 might be more cost effective (cheaper) than a Phalanx or Goalkeeper.

    Not sure if this is the photo of the incident, but below was the description provided as well:

    PH Navy flagship BRP Gregorio del Pilar (FF-15) runs aground near Hasa Hasa Shoal (Half Moon Shoal) in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) on Wednesday, Aug. 29./ CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

    Read more: Source - Inquirer

    DOF, NEDA not keen on Bataan defense-eco zone
    By Butch Fernandez - June 5, 2018

    OFFICIALS of the Department of Finance and National Economic Development Authority are not keen on readily endorsing passage by Congress of a new law creating a so-called “Special  Defense Economic Zone (SpeDEZ) inside the government arsenal defense industrial estate”  at  Camp Gen. Antonio Luna in Limay, Bataan.

    DOF tax specialist Miriam Tassara reminded lawmakers that at least six eco zones are “already existing in Bataan.”

    We do not see the need for (such an) eco zone with tax incentives,” the DOF official told the Gatchalian committee, noting that eco zones are “put up for competitiveness.”

    She added that Rep. Garcia’s proposed eco zone is being put up to supply AFP-PNP requirements, which could be done by annual budgetary allocations. “That is why we do not support the bill as proposed,” the DOF official told the committee.

    Rep. Garcia countered, however, that “what is being [proposed to be] converted as an eco zone is the area outside the 70-hectare arsenal” in Camp Luna. “We need foreign investors to come in,” he added, ” we cannot rely on local locators.”

    Garcia told Gatchalian’s committee that “eco zones are no longer export oriented; they are no longer the export processing zone as we know it.


    Found this here:
    ZZ549 AgustaWestland AW159 Mk.220 Leonardo MW, for Philippine Navy
    ZZ550 AgustaWestland AW159 Mk.220 Leonardo MW, for Philippine Navy

    AFP Modernization & Defense Acquisitions / Re: Spike missile projects
    « on: April 30, 2018, 11:16:48 PM »
    Philippine Navy obtains its first ever missiles
    25th April 2018

    I don't have access to the full article since I'm not a subscriber

    This week the Philippine Navy (PN) received a shipment of Spike-ER missiles, Typhoon MLS-ER launchers and Mini Typhoon 12.7mm RWSs from Rafael in Israel, destined for installation aboard three Multi-Purpose Attack Craft (MPAC).
    Notable is the fact that these are the first ever missiles to enter the PN’s ...

    On the flip side, is the DENR allowed to visit a private property without notice or any other government documentary?

    No it isn't, and to be fair Cimatu said as much and didn't fault the guards. Either there was a communication, or the property owner was not informed and this was a stunt.

    According to the video, the owner only knew of their presence only after the fact.

    From how i see it, the report with its limited words in the headline implies that the owners are hiding something or are unwilling to cooperate. You'd have to watch/read it carefully to understand the legality of what Cimatu tried to do.

    Based on this and some appearances of Galil sniper variants during the turn over rites of the PNP command, it seems that the LEOs have been awarding the Israelis a bunch of contracts recently. The other day when I went to Camp Crame the gate guard had a 9mm Tavor.

    Maybe because there's less political consideration by going to the Israelis, plus they make great and well tested products.

    On the flip side, is the DENR allowed to visit a private property without notice or any other government documentary?

    So, for some reason I can't create a new topic in the Modernization Thread, so the mods can transfer if they see the need to do so.


    The protective equipment includes tactical modular type vest, mobile armor rifle protective/ballistic shield (level IV) and high powered firearms.

    PDEA procured 689 units of tactical modular type vest with a total value of Php55,051,100.00; and 43 units of mobile armor rifle protective/ ballistic shield, with a total value Php32,526,000.00.

    The high- powered firearms consisted of 560 units of Galil rifle which has a total value of Php 105,840,000.00.

    The IT equipment includes 135 desktop computers with a total value of Php 9,444,735.00.


    ^^Is that like a clue to buy from other licensed manufacturers instead?

    AFP Organization, Services, and Units / Re: BRP Tubbataha (MRRV-4401)
    « on: March 11, 2018, 05:53:37 AM »
    I can't find a general thread for the Parola-Class, because it's hard to identify the ships from the view below.

    The pictures are from the Department of Tourism FB Page:

    What's that thing behind the helideck?

    From the DOTr FB Page:

    GOOD NEWS: SOON, our maritime waters will be safer and more secured. 👊🇵🇭

    The French government will deliver four (4) patrol boats before end of June 2018 and one (1) off-shore patrol vessel on August 2019, as additional maritime vehicles for the Philippine Coast Guard! These will be utilized in maintaining the safety and security of the Philipine maritime borders, preventing acts of piracy or terrorism within the country’s exclusive economic zone.

    This was announced by OCEA officials to the DOTr team headed by Asec. Lino Dabi, in the successful inspection of the OCEA ship-building facilities in France. This initiative is part of the Philippine Ports and Coast Guard Capability Development Project between the governments of the Philippines and France, all for the improvement of Philippines’ overall maritime protection.

    #DOTrPH 👊🏻🇵🇭

    Are those the same C-130T we got?

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