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Based on the Air Tractor 802, the Longsword has a 10 hr loiter time, a 6200 lb payload carried on up to 11 hardpoints.

L3 Wescam MX 15D High definition electro-optical infrared sensor, MMS forceX Widow mission software, the Thames HMD and display full motion video-Two VHF.

Armored cockpit, self sealing fuel tanks, AN/AAR47 infrared warning receiver, plus the AN/ALE 47 EWC dispenser system.

Can carry a variety of weapons, from the Hellfire ASM, Gatling guns, mk82 bombs, and M260 Rocket launchers.

Bulgaria LASA (LIGHT ARMED SURVEILLANCE ENGINEERING) has weaponized the Trush 510G.

Glass Cockpit, large tactical displays, an Airborne Technologies TR POD under the fuselage, 6 hardpoints, HUD, Russian weapons including the 23mm cannon found on the HIND D, encased in a weapons pod, 50mm rocket pods also found on the HIND D.

ISR and Airborne LINX package from Airborne Technologies GmBH. NVG Compatible Armored cockpit

Plus a 14hr loiter time, Can operate from rough, unimproved runways.

horge discussed the possibility in the defunct forum.

MANILA, May 10 -- The Philippine Air Force (PAF) has allocated PHP14.3 million for the installation of multi-function display and spares needed for the maintenance of the navigation system of one of its three SIAI-Marchetti S-211 jet trainers.

This was bared by PAF bids and awards chief Brig. Gen. Nicolas Parilla in an bid bulletin posted at the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System website.


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