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Again during the 2020 Budget preparations, the PCG requested 120 million for Light Helicopters.  But only 40 million were given. It was bidded out and failed all 3 times last 2020. Does anyone have any news on this?

Again during the 2020 Budget preparations, the PCG started to request a separate budget for a Multirole Aircraft with a total budget of 2 billion.

In 2021, Rep. Bingo Matugas, District Representative
Surigao del Norte fiiled a House Resolution to increase 2022 PCG Funding for aircraft acquisition by PhP 2.4 Billion. 1.6 billion was added to the final 2022 PCG budget for LET 410NG acquisition.

For some reason in 2022, the LET 410NG acquisition didn't push through.

This 2023, that acquisition is scheduled for February 2023. No news yet. Does anyone know or have any news?

During the 2020 Budget preparations, the PCG requested 750 million for Multipurpose fixed-wing aircraft  But only 250 million were given resulting in the Cessna Caravan 2081.

Interesting to note that given this budget for one new aircraft, that same year, a budget was requested and given to start the refurbishment of Islander 4177 for PhP 55 million. For 2021, 2022, and 2023 there still a budget for 4177 to make it airworthy. Not clear/no open source information when 4177 will fly.

For Islander 2169, starting 2021 it had been allotted a budget also. It also had a 2022 and 2023 allotment. Again, not clear when will it be airworthy.

PCG Islander aircraft 4177 and 2169 were transferred from the PNP-SAF Air Unit.

As of Feb 2023, seems that Islander aircraft 4177, and 2169 are still not in flying condition evwn though they started to have a budget feom 2020. Hopefully, all four (251, 684, 4177, 2169) of the PCG Islanders will be in flying condition this 2023 together with the lone Cessna Caravan EX.

The LET 410NG budget was not used last year. According to the PCG, it has a scheduled “bidding” this Feb 2023.

The 7 unit helicopter Maritime Disaster Rescue Helicopter Acquistiion Project is still gathering dust at the NEDA for final approval. The current 2 units of H145 are still looking good with a budget to purchase blade folding kits this year.

Still no news of the 1 unit of Light Trainer Helicopter that was bidded out and failed all 3 times last 2020.

AFP Modernization & Defense Acquisitions / PCG Fixed and Rotary Aircraft
« on: February 21, 2023, 03:51:48 PM »
Hoping this to be a catch all topic for the Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing Aircraft of the Philippine Coast Guard given their far and few aircraft acquisitions.

MANILA – If given an opportunity or chance, Philippine Coast Guard Commandant, Admiral Artemio Abu, is keen to have 15 more 97-meter long multi-role response vessels (MRRVs) like the newly-commissioned BRP Teresa Magbanua (MRRV-9701) to fully cover the country's maritime territories.

This comment makes it 2 + 7 just like the 2020 PCG Acquisition Plan. It maybe possible that the Maritime Disaster Response Helicopter Acquisition Project (seven units) is still alive.

PCG Commandant Ursabia:

“We are pursuing procurement of seven more, hopefully this time so that we can deploy more helicopters nationwide. But it is still in the pipeline and still with the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA). We are hoping and praying that the procurement will be approved accordingly,” Ursabia told Daily Tribune.

Some scenarios:
a. seven H145 + two H215/H225
b. five H145 + two AW139 + two H215/H225
c. nine H145 (to sharpen TTPs first with the air crew and maintenance crew, before taking in other types)

Interesting to know where 1451 is. It is the one with FLIR and weather radar.

These large MRRVs do have helicopter hangars.

As a minimum, design load of helideck platform and hangar should be able to accommodate the maximum-take-off weight of the heavier helicopter listed below with a margin for heavy landing conditions/ factor of safety:

1) AIRBUS EC145 T2
4) BELL 412EP

Mitsubishi ShipBuilding was issued a NOA last January 17, 2020 for the construction of two 94 meter MRRVs. Hopefully, no more issues so that the NTP can be issued right away.

General Discussion / Re: Uparming the Parola class MRRVs
« on: October 18, 2019, 04:45:56 PM »
In the 2018 PCG budget, they had an allotment for six 50 Cal. RCWS, but an image from PCG looks like they were "additions" to the RCWS buy.

If there is an ambiguity in the tech specs, almost every time, they say, just implement what’s in the latest Kunigami class variant.

Regarding the helicopter support equipment, the reference is the Gabriela Silang.

Admins, this thread can now be renamed as such

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