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Politics and Government / Re: The role man of a "Strong Man" in a democracy
« on: November 07, 2018, 08:11:51 AM »
Adroth, just my rant. Filipinos vilify authority, driving in Manila and you get to see first hand the propensity of Filipinos to not follow rules especially when no one is looking. Watch local telenovelas, ginebra mentality kicks in and anyone with a badge and barong is considered corrupt, the enemy of the opressed. Ingrained within our very core, whoever has authority abuses it.

Its tiring really to make sense of all these rants of ellites/the more educated/iskolars, a drop of exercise of authority and here they go with their vitriol and idealist views. pfft

OFWs experienced first hand the results of what strong men, and their strong decisions, do for their turf. And i can see why a lot of Filipinos favor PD even with all the flak he has been getting with this drama in PDEA, pulong etc.

Pfft elites. They only care 3 things, their stocks, the gas prices, the roads.

i think, if it would help, Gen. Kintanar or maybe the spokesperson of PAF should make a press tidbit that he welcomes the offer by their US counterpart, to make public the organization's appreciation of the offer plus give a small reminder how it will help with PAFs plans.

i think this is a stupid retort but ill give it a go. Since total requirement for ph i think is gonna be more than 2, if we assure US that the next one/s will be west oriented, will that be amenable to US conditions of interop?

Will getting russian subs a way also of learning our enemy since acoustic signatures i think are not shared even allies? maybe im wrong. Im just readying myself to the possibility of PN owning russkie subs and making a fool of myself that im rationalizing the purchase.

^is there clearance to reveal possible contenders?

well if ever PN wants that sub before or rather on 2020, they better be doing the legwork now. Vietnam got its 1st kilo 3 years after signing it in 2009. Further, is this the FOICs latest push, or are we just doing a maskirovka?

^they might. gaining experience operating UAVs of such caliber before one upping to the hermes. i wonder how many shifts does this drone need? considering a wiki post of 20hr endurance. typically how many personnel are involved in a typical surveillance operation? i hope im not barging into opsec

i think they are after the property

Strategy & Tactics / Re: "Sea denial" vs "Sea Control"
« on: February 22, 2018, 04:13:01 PM »
Submarines needed to make PH Navy more respectable: Empedrad
When asked by Senator Emmanuel "Manny" Pacquiao on what other equipment the Navy needs to be fully modernized, during the Senate hearing on the Frigate Acquisition Project earlier this week, Empedrad said, "Sir, we have a lot of concerns in the Navy, your honor. But for me, the future of naval warfare is submarine warfare. And I believe that if we want to get the respect of other foreign countries or navies, we should acquire submarines."
"Sabi nga nila, mahirap kalabanin iyong kalaban na hindi nakikita (As they say, it is difficult to contain an invisible enemy). So if we have submarines, I'm sure other powerful navies would respect the Philippine Navy - if we get the submarine, your honor," Empedrad said.

Unfortunately, after FOIC spoke of subs, lawmakers were just...oh well.

Gordon is spot on that PN, along with AFP, should have that sense of urgency. But as i watched the hearing, i think the two FOICs(recent and former) has different approaches. Mercado, being very passionate and persistent on the frigate while Empedrad highlighted that capability of a submarine (forward to 2:59). Yes empedrad acknowledges that the navy needs a lot of things, but his vision is not floating above water.

AFP Modernization & Defense Acquisitions / Re: M113A2 Firepower Upgrade
« on: January 03, 2018, 01:15:34 PM »
will those rcws a combination of 50s and bushies?

What about PNs plan to get used ships from pportugal? will that be affected by the presidents remark?

Our army was again exposed to rpg/ied attacks this time on an urban setting. In light of the recent Maute terrorist attacks, should up-armoring the tip of the spear in this case the V150 happen?

question, if these drones go under DA/BFAR even though PCG or PN will operate these assets, will optns/maintenance be shouldered by DA?

General Discussion / Re: Retitled: China offers arms to the Philippines
« on: February 09, 2017, 04:07:41 PM »
How does the forum feel about the drones that we are requesting considering the marines already have a system in mind?

General Discussion / Re: Retitled: China offers arms to the Philippines
« on: February 09, 2017, 02:40:03 PM »
PGMs? is it an educated guess to assume that the drones would be the platform for those munitions? i cant see them being on the wish list boats lest they want their own pgms raining on their boats.

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