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Title: Patrol Ships for Vietnam from Japan
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Alikoth, please place any updates on this ongoing acquisition here:

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Japan to provide Vietnam patrol ships amid maritime row with China
By: Reuters
September 8, 2016 11:20 AM

The Japanese government said on Wednesday it is ready to provide Vietnam with new patrol ships, in its latest step to boost the maritime law-enforcement capabilities of countries locked in territorial rows with China.

On Tuesday, Japan agreed to provide two large patrol ships and lend up to five used surveillance aircraft to the Philippines, another country at odds with China over sovereignty issues in the South China Sea.

Japan itself has been at loggerheads with China over a group of tiny, uninhabited East China Sea islets.


Title: Re: Patrol Ships for Vietnam from Japan
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Japan pledges boats to Vietnam as China dispute simmers | reuters ( - Jan 16, 2017
Abe's stop in Vietnam completes a tour through an arc of a region where Japan stakes a leadership claim in the face of China's growing dominance and uncertainty over what policy change Donald Trump will bring as U.S. president.

"We will strongly support Vietnam's enhancing its maritime law enforcement capability," Abe said, while emphasizing that the dispute over the South China Sea should be settled through talks and in accordance with international law.

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The six new coastguard patrol boats had a total value of 38.5 billion yen ($338 million) and Vietnam would get a concessional loan to pay for them, a Japanese official said. No timeline for delivery has been discussed yet. Japan had previously agreed to provide six old patrol boats to Vietnam.

Maritime security and trade have been themes during Abe's other stops - in Indonesia, the Philippines and Australia.
Title: Re: Patrol Ships for Vietnam from Japan
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Vietnam takes delivery of two refurbished vessels from Japan
01 August 2019

The vessels, which bear the pennant numbers KN-595 and KN-596, were handed over by Vietnamese company Hong Ha Shipbuilding to the agency on 30 July.

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The donation was done at the request of Vietnamese leaders to assist the country in bolstering its maritime law enforcement capabilities, said the spokesperson.