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Title: RPS Rajah Soliman (D-66) (1961-1964)
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Original photo published by USN All Hands Magazine

Originally completed as 'Buckley' Class Destroyer Escort, converted into 'Charles Lawrence' Class High-Speed Transport (Destroyer Escort) - APD :

Displacement (full load) :      2,130 tons   
Dimensions (L x W x D) :      93.3 x 11.2 x 3.9 meters   

Armaments (in PN service) : Guns : 1 x single 5"/38 Mk 26 DP, 3 x twin 40mm AA, 2 DC rack
Cargo capacity: 4 LCVP landing craft, 6 1/4 ton trucks, 2 1 ton trucks, 4 ammunition carts, 4 pack howitzers, Storage, Ammunition 6,000 cu. ft., General Cargo 3,500 cu. ft., Gasoline 1,000 cu. ft., and  Troop Capacity of 150 men

Powerplant :   Two boilers driving 2 GE trubo-electric drive tubines : 12,000 bhp driving 2 shafts   
Max Speed :   23.6 knots   
Range :   11,000 at 12 knots    

Ship crew:  12 Officers, 186 Men

see photos and more specs at:

In US Navy Service :
24-Jan-1944   Commissioned as the USS BOWER (DE 637), a Buckley Class Destroyer Escort      
25-Jun-1945   Decommissioned and put in repair after being damaged on 16-Apr 1945 by a hit by a Japanese Kamikaze.  Repaired and converted into a high speed transport and reclassified as USS BOWERS  (APD-40) ;  Laid up 10-Feb-1947
6-Feb-1951   Assigned with Amphibious Force, Atlantic Fleet; later decommissioned in 18-Dec 1958            

Into Philippine Navy Service :
31-Oct-1960   Transferred (on loan) to the Philippines via Military Assistance Program            
21-Apr-1961   transferred via Military Assistance Program (MAP) on Apr 21, 1961 and became RPS Rajah Soliman with pennant number D-66.  She was fitted as a command / flagship.
24-Jun-1964   Sunk by Typhoon Dading at while on anchor at Bataan National Shipyard.

The wreck was salvaged between Dec 1964- Jan 1965*, by USN salvage ships -- USS Bolster (ARS-38) and USS Grasp (ARS-24), a tug, plus a couple of lift crafts leased from the Royal Navy.  Hulk sold for scrapping.
* (Pg. 3)

Title: RPS Rajah Soliman
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Screen capture c/o owner

Title: Re: RPS Rajah Soliman (D-66) (1961-1964)
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