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Pinoy Scout Rangers hunt down ex-Navy SEAL in new Discovery Channel series | Philstar - March 31, 2014
Joel Lambert, a former member of the US Navy and an expert in escape and evasion, takes on six elite military units from six different countries in Discovery Channel's new non-fiction program, Manhunt, which will air every Monday at 8 p.m. starting April 7.

Lambert said that he was lured out of retirement from the military to do the series because "it was so excessively challenging."

"...because of the extreme disadvantage I have in this scenario, it was something that was not going to be easy," he said.

The new series' last episode was shot in the Philippines, where Lambert was hunted down by members of the Philippine Army's elite trackers, the Scout Rangers, headed by Lt. Jerson Jurilla.

The episode started with Lambert attempting to create a diversion by popping a smoke grenade and zip-lining from a tower on Mt. Sta. Rita in Subic, Zambales.



Behind the scenes videos:

Manhunt with Joel Lambert (Philippine Press Conference)

Ep01 Impossible To Film | Manhunt
The jungles of the Philippines destroyed nine cameras and nearly broke the crew.

Inside the Hunt - Jungle Meltdown

Joel Lambert, "Lone Target" star (Discovery) live on FNC's "Fox & Friend"

Inside the Hunt - The Philippines ASR


Episode 3: "Philippines: Escape the Jungle"


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