Author Topic: Trump inventory shows empty folders marked ‘classified,’ mixed top-secret  (Read 836 times)


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Trump search inventory shows empty folders marked ‘classified,’ mixed top-secret and unclassified items
SEPT. 2, 2022

WASHINGTON — Twenty-seven documents with classified and top-secret markings were recovered from former President Trump’s office at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, according to a detailed inventory of what the FBI removed during its court-approved search of the home last month.

The eight-page inventory detailing more than 10,000 government documents removed in the search includes the location where each item was found and whether it was classified, but not the subject matter. In many cases, highly classified materials are listed as having been stored in the same boxes as hundreds of unclassified items, including newspaper and magazine clippings and clothing.

Among the boxes were 48 empty folders marked with a classified banner. Those empty folders could be of particular concern as the Office of the Director of National Intelligence assesses the risks to national security that could result from disclosure of the contents, because it could be difficult to determine what information might have been inside and where it is now.

Trump’s lawyers demanded more information about what was seized from the Palm Beach estate as part of their request for a judge to appoint a third-party special master to review the items. Neither his lawyers nor the Justice Department objected to making the inventory public.

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