Author Topic: UK to purchase at least 74 F-35 jets  (Read 763 times)


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UK to purchase at least 74 F-35 jets
« on: April 28, 2022, 10:20:31 AM »
UK to purchase at least 74 F-35 jets
April 27, 2022

It was revealed yesterday that the MoD is in negotiations with the F-35 Joint Project Office to buy another tranche of F-35 jets. This second batch will consist of 26 aircraft, in addition to the 48 already under contract.

The Integrated Review published in March 2021 stated only vaguely there was an intention to buy “more than 48” F-35s. Speaking in a Parliamentary Defence Select Committee session, Air Marshal Richard Knighton, Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff specified the exact figure for the first time in public. The initial tranche of 48 jets already on order will be delivered by 2025 and Knighton said the MoD now has the funding in place for the purchase of a further 26 aircraft, including the support and personnel costs. This will bring the UK fleet up to a total of 74 aircraft (minus the one jet lost in a non-fatal accident at sea in 2021).

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