Author Topic: 74gear gives Flat Earthers a chance to test their theories for real  (Read 876 times)


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Proving The World is Flat!

Mar 14, 2021  I am asked on a regular basis by the "flat earth army" about the world being flat, and I even watched some documentaries on it because I was curious to their point of view, I decided I would create a way for them to prove or disprove their theory once and for all.


$1,500,000 Challenge to Prove The Earth is Flat!

Apr 24, 2022  In 2021 I posted what I thought would be a simple video for the flat earth community for them to prove once and for all that the earth was flat or not.  I was wrong, so I have organized a charter to help them prove once and for all the shape of earth.  If you still believe the earth is flat, here is your opportunity to find out for yourself: